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Callie Dee - WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack

Autor: zulhan
Kategoria: Erotyka
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Callie Dee - WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack



My dad has no idea I sneak out night and come back home smelling like black jizz. During that entire time I'm getting my tiny mouth and pussy railed by black dicks that are no less than 12 inches long. I'd bang white boys but they rarely get above 3 inches much less hard enough to ride. Dad finally broke up my good times when he caught me and J.D in the middle of an interracial fuck fest. We exchanged some words and I nearly got taken out of his will but he didn't want to lose a daughter. I had him watch me and showed him exactly how I have fun. Daddy nearly shit a brick as J.D's big black dick seemed longer than my legs and it soon found a home in my mouth.I wanted to make him cum with my mouth but waited so he could experience some white pussy as my father watched in agony. Normally I'd never fuck anyone in front of my dad but he had to be taught a lesson in tolerance which was going down as my throbbing pussy took a black cock beating. My moans of pleasure drowned out daddy's bitching and it was a warm welcome as my face took a blast of black jizz while dad must have been thinking about suicide.

Type: Movie Clip
Content: Cumshot, Hardcore, Interracial, Oral, Teen
File Type: Wmv
Size: 425 MB

Tagi: throbbing, have, want, tiny, black, took, showed, black, father, soon, interracial
Komentarze: 0
5-03-2011, 13:23
Wyświetleń: 139

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