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Helicon Filter 5.0.11 Eng

Autor: 123limon
Kategoria: Programy
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Helicon Filter 5.0.11 Eng
Professional post processing of digital images. Now intuitive and easy to learn.
Helicon Filter Free offers full set of the easy to use post processing tools to the digital photographer. Intuitive interface, context help and full screen preview make it easy to learn.
The Helicon Filter Free covers 99 percent of the needs of the photo enthusiast.
The Helicon Filter Free is one of the best tools in each of the above categories and received many awards. It also includes the Red Eye tool.

Tagi: offers, photographer, best, Intuitive, Free, easy, also, Helicon, Helicon, received, each
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25-12-2010, 10:03
Wyświetleń: 256

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (2010) PC RePack [1.25 GB]

Autor: Bartlby
Kategoria: Gry
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DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (2010) PC RePack [1.25 GB]

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (2010) PC RePack [1.25 GB]
Genre: RPG (Rogue/Action)/3D/3rd Person | Developer: Hothead Games | Platform: PC

Thongs of Virtue offers a longer storyline campaign, during which Detspank have time to swim the seas on a pirate ship, to visit the North Pole and fight with robots so alien. History will again be very comical and makes fun of collecting the powerful "artifacts" in the name of saving the universe. The only thing in the sequel, the hero will have to seek the six "all-powerful" cowards who are granted unprecedented power and who make all of their respective owners in the worst villains. Detspanka except, of course. All panties have got "the wrong hands, it must be destroyed. For the scenario of a hand, Ron Gilbert, so that the amount of humor per square meter will not decrease.

Tagi: seek, square, that, sequel, hands, owners, offers, with, course, Developer, which
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23-12-2010, 05:37
Wyświetleń: 277

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