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Corderoy, Aiera - Deepest Dream .WAV (2010)

Autor: beatport
Kategoria: Muzyka
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Corderoy, Aiera - Deepest Dream .WAV (2010)

Corderoy, Aiera | Deepest Dream

Trance | Blue Soho Recordings | 2010-08-28 | .WAV | 137 mb

When it comes to gaining an audience in today's music scene, things can be pretty tough, especially with the sheer amount of competition you are up against. Newcomer Aiera formed a foundation of fans under his Electrodia alias before stepping up to the trance arena with 'Deepest Dream', and we at Blue Soho are more than happy to take this talented artist under our wing and propel him to the top! Aiera - Deepst Dream (Original Mix) The original mix begins in typical trance sense, laying down the foundations for the intro and bassline. It has all the right elements for a dance track, but its the smooth transitions and catchy melodies that make it memorable, and most of all, very enjoyable. From the soft plucked lead to the piano intervals, this is one track destined for your playlist, even if you won't be dancing to it! Aiera - Deepest Dream (Corderoy Remix) Corderoy takes on the remix role with a banging track, kicking off with a powerful kick and bass before the enchanting synths take over. Though not as melodic as the original, this one is designed for the dancefloors and makes that fact well known. It's the signature bassline that makes this remix a great one, and similar to the one that made 'Kyrie' a hit.

Tagi: typical, artist, role, this, propel, Aiera, Aiera, tough, Dream, gaining, laying
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9-12-2010, 16:33
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