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Project Rescue Africa (Final) Portable

Autor: sarthony
Kategoria: Gry
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Project Rescue Africa (Final) Portable

Project Rescue Africa
PC game | Release: 2011 | Genre: Dash/Time Management | 52 Mb

Feed, protect, and rescue exotic African animals in Project Rescue: Africa! Keep your critters safe using your Time Management talents and build up your wildlife preserve. Keep the dreaded poachers away and keep the savannah safe for generations to come. Once your animals have reached adulthood, send them back into the wild to live a fun and happy life! Dive into Project Rescue: Africa today!

Tagi: protect, wildlife, Rescue, build, come, game, AfricaPC, MbFeed, dreaded, live, Dive
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19-02-2011, 16:20
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