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Master Retouching 7 DVD set [Total Training] (2010ă)

Autor: robosoft4
Kategoria: Programy
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Master Retouching 7 DVD set [Total Training] (2010ă)

Master Retouching - excellent tutorial that will teach you to create the most advanced graphics effects. How to quickly identify problem areas and fix even the most complex defects pictures.
The video course will be clear to anyone, until those who are first confronted with Photoshop. The training course is demonstrated in the English language, but despite this, even if you're with him you do not panic! The creator of the project to such an extent, all explained in detail and shows that, after what then, the time and did not notice that all the talk in English.

Tagi: Master, Retouching, 7 DVD, set, [Total Training], (2010ă)
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15-06-2010, 18:06
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