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Opera 10.60 Build 3413 Dev Snapshot

Autor: robosoft4
Kategoria: Programy
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Opera 10.60 Build 3413 Dev Snapshot

Updated one of the most flexible web brauzerovv Opera.V new software update has been fixed several bugs that are being felt, was also updated the base engine that has accelerated the speed is not only the opera but also the rate of movement (transitions) through the pages of a few extra features such raz.Spets as Opera Turbo began to work more efficiently and solves more problems toknim podhodom.Takzhe in the archive are selected manually and additions that are sure to be useful not only to the user and any other person who accesses the Internet!

Tagi: Opera, 10.60, Build, 3413 Dev, Snapshot
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14-06-2010, 05:46
Wyświetleń: 181

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