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ArtSage 1.00.0007 Portable

Autor: serg8dinx
15-06-2011, 21:36
ArtSage 1.00.0007 Portable

ArtSage is a small graphics viewer. It displays the image files (JPG etc.) in a folder tree. Slideshow (slideshow, timer, windowed/fullscreen/wallpaper, stay on top). Transparency (blend, opacity). Loop (loop/pause/exit, reshuffle). Sort (forward/reverse/random, tree/name/date, case sensitive). Navigate (next/previous w/gears, first, last, current, next/prev folder, mousewheel). Scroll (mouse, arrow keys w/ gears, autoscroll). View (exhibit/favorites/desktop/archive, image folder, link target). Exhibit (folder, refresh, subfolders, hidden folders, autorefresh). Formats (bmp, emf, gif, ico, jpg, png, tif). Find (find/filter/exclude, find next, landscape/portrait, bookmark, goto). Favorites (send shortcut/copy, favorites folder, shortcut/copy to desktop).

Archive (move to archive, confirm, archive folder, log)
Catalog (thumbsize, hide viewer, show on launch)
Standard Catalog (navigation, sort, find, block recycle/archive/favorite)
Wrap (resize window to wrap around each image)
Crop (remove borders and unused background)
Squeeze (scale down to fit window/desktop)
Shrink (scale down to fit one side)
Stretch (scale up to window/desktop)
Zoom (in, out, 100%, 1% gear, zoom lock, zoom step, zoom/scale quality, mousewheel)
Rotate (rotate, rotate left, rotate lock, aspect filter, flip horizontal, exif orientation)
Collage (fixed-size roaming images)
Transitions (select effects, overlap/wipe)
Window (caption, status, tray icon, decor, bg colour, center/roam, corral, draggable, show/hide hotkey, single instance)
Presets (save/restore 5 window positions)
Layout (image centered, at corners, roaming within window)
Fullscreen (caption, cursor, centered/roaming image)
Wallpaper (center/tile/stretch, clear, restore)
Shell (view, explore, open with, copy file, move/rename, save as, copy image, copy view, paste, recycle, confirm, view with, explore with, blackbox)
Settings (save now, save as, save on exit, save folder)
Info (F1 menu, menu pins, menu at cursor, help, about)
Drag and Drop in main window to exhibit (folders/files/shortcuts, Shift appends)
Command line (inifile, options, path)
Portable (no install, settings in program folder, relative paths)
Language support (unicode, language files for translation)
32-bit and 64-bit versions included

Size (RAR): 1.3 Mb
5% recovery record

Download ArtSage 1.00.0007 Portable

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